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The Monitoring Center Home And Business Alarm Monitoring

The Monitoring Center offers Affordable, Dependable Full Service Alarm Monitoring for your home and/or business for ONLY $9.99/month. This low rate covers your home and/or business for burglary, fire, medical, carbon monoxide and/or emergency response from our ULC regulated CSAA 5 Diamond Certified state-of-the-art monitoring facility 24 hours per day/7 days per week.

Once you Shop and Compare ... the choice is clear. Full Service alarm monitoring 24 hours per day 7 days per week for ONLY $9.99/month. Take comfort in the knowledge that The Monitoring Center is taking care of your home/business while saving your money.

We collect your alarm monitoring in advance in one convenient annual payment through your Bank, VISA, MasterCard or AMEX...which amounts to ONLY $119.88 plus applicable taxes per year.

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6 months FREE

No Long-Term Contract - The Monitoring Center is giving away a 6 month FREE Sign up Bonus in order to entice you to switchover and get on board the TMC $9.99 experience.

We have no doubt that once we have WOWed you with our service ... you will wish you made the switch to TMC years ago!

Reduce Your Insurance Premiums

By activating your home/business security system, you may be eligible for a 20% to 30% discount on your home/business insurance premiums. Be sure to contact your insurance agent to calculate your premium savings.

With TMC You are ALWAYS Connected

Whether you live 5 miles or 25,000 miles away you are ALWAYS CONNECTED to our Monitoring Facility through your phone line. You can trust that our LIVE fully trained operators will be there for you no matter what your emergency. Your alarm signal will be received at our ULC Listed, CSAA 5 Diamond Rated Alarm Monitoring Facility and our trained professionals will immediately commence the TMC Protection Process on your behalf. So Sleep tight...we are on the job 24 hours per day...7 days per week...365 days per year..

Switching is EASY!

Please STOP paying $30.00 or more for your home/business security monitoring. We have perfected the switch-over process and you will not experience any disruption in service.

If you already have an alarm system in your home/business that simply needs to be activated...then TMC can help. We have the ability to reprogram almost ALL universal security systems that were installed by other security companies. (See Systems we can monitor.)

You simply pay a 1 one-time set-up fee to switchover to TMC and pay only $9.99/mo. Monitoring is collected on an annual basis automatically through pre-authorized payment...and only 30 days notice for cancellation of service is required.


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