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Savings are caluclated at a rate of $9.99 per month and Include 6 Months Free


Buyer Beware

When shopping for an alarm system or an alarm service provider for your existing alarm & compare

Beware of the words "Free Alarm System". Be sure you have ownership of your alarm equipment at the end of your contract period. With TMC you OWN your alarm system from day one!

Beware of 3 to 5 year long term contracts. It is important you do not get trapped into long term contracts in case you become dissatisfied with your service provider and need to cancel your service. With TMC there is NO LONG-TERM contract.

Beware of proprietary alarm systems. Be sure your alarm company is installing *universal equipment. With TMC only universal equipment is installed.

Beware of high monitoring fees. Research the and compare. Monitoring is a "household bill" a utility; it is a charge that is paid on an ongoing basis...every single month...year over year. With TMC your alarm monitoring cost is ONLY $9.99 per month!!

*universal equipment...alarm equipment that can be monitored by any provider


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