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Savings are caluclated at a rate of $9.99 per month and Include 6 Months Free


With TMC You are ALWAYS Connected...

Whether you live 5 miles away or 25,000 miles away you are ALWAYS CONNECTED to our Monitoring Facility through your phone line. You can trust that our LIVE fully trained operators will be there for you no matter what your emergency. Your alarm signal will be received by our ULC 5 Diamond Certified Listed Monitoring Facility within 20-30 seconds and our trained professionals will immediately commence the TMC Protection Process on your behalf. So Sleep tight...we are on the job 24 hours per day...7 days per week...365 days per year.

We Have perfected the HOA Switchover Process....

Upon termination with your current provider and acceptance of our monitoring proposal by the Board of Directors of your HOA...

  • TMC awards your HOA with 30 to 60 days FREE alarm monitoring in order to ensure your HOA is not paying 2 providers during the switchover process
  • TMC assigns a Customer Service and Technical Team dedicated to your association
  • The Board provides TMC with a complete list of residents including full addresses and phone numbers along with a copy of their letterhead
  • Your assigned Customer Service Team prepares and mails a detailed letter to all your HOA residents in preparation for their switchover appointment
  • Mirella, Sales Manager along with your assigned Customer Service Team will "personally" answer all calls and schedule all appointments for switchover
  • TMC keeps an up to date spreadsheet for your HOA detailing switchover appointment booking dates and completion dates which will be emailed to the Board every Friday during switchover period. This spreadsheet is updated on a regular basis and is available on demand after completion of switchover to TMC
  • Your Customer Service Team will "personally" take care of any customer service inquiries and/or issues moving forward

Florida Association Journal

We were honoured to be asked by the Florida Association Journal to write the Editorial below which was included in their October 2010 "Securities Edition".

What we can do for your Association

  • Save your Association tens of thousands of dollars each and every year depending on the number of residents in your community.
  • TMC is able to present this proposal due to the volume of residents associated with gated communities.
  • Contract details as follows:
    1st year @ $6.99/month
    2nd year @ $7.99/month
    3rd year @ $8.99/month
    $9.99/month renewal rate forever
  • Guarantee NO rate increases which freezes your Associations alarm monitoring rate at $9.99/month going forward
  • Allows your HOA to allocate alarm monitoring savings towards other Association projects
  • Guarantee no disruption to your community residents during the 30 to 60 day transitional period.
  • TMC will be responsible for mailing out the transitional letters and scheduling each resident to ensure a smooth changeover
  • Will assign a team of technicians and customer service reps dedicated to the residents of your community

About Us

  • Since 1998
  • Presently service close to 100,000 customers
  • Satellite branches currently situated in Ontario, Southern California, San Francisco, British Columbia and Florida
  • Rapidly growing organization with Chicago opening planned for 2020 with Dallas opening to follow
  • We own & operate our own state-of-the-art Monitoring Facility
  • Considered innovators within the security industry ... the first company to separate the cost of alarm systems from the cost of alarm monitoring
  • All TMC customers have been acquired through an inbound sales campaign and word-of-mouth
  • TMC has never been bought or sold
  • We specialize in residential and Association alarm monitoring and alarm service
  • Our Service Executives have over 200+ years combined background within the security industry
  • We want and look forward to servicing your community residents

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