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HOA Volume Discounting

We at The Monitoring Center are in a position to offer Associations an unbeatable monitoring rate which would save your Association tens of thousands of dollars annually. Monies that could be applied to other Association projects.

The Monitoring Center will Guarantee your basic alarm monitoring rate will never exceed $9.99/month per unit. This Guarantee assures your Association NO Budget surprises for as long as you are monitored by us.

For details on how we can put this amazing cost saving measure to work for your Association contact Mirella at 1-866-247-4999 Ext. 2235 or email

Please take a moment to Calculate your Savings. This will demonstrate the HUGE SAVINGS TMC can offer your Association...not only in your first year of TMC service...but also your accumulating SAVINGS over time.

We are committed to the delivery of personalized customer service to your residents'...and therefore have assembled a Customer Service Team to work exclusively with each HOA.

Your community and your business is important to us! We ask that you contact me directly with any inquiries about your HOA proposals and service in order that we can commence that delivery of personalized customer service.

We look forward to servicing your community in the near future.

Calculate Your Savings

I currently pay $ per month for residents.
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We are a ULC Listed, CSAA 5 Diamond Rated Alarm Monitoring Facility and are a leading provider of high quality, low-cost home and/or business security alarm monitoring specializing in HOA bulk discounting. We are entering our 17th year of operation...currently servicing almost 100,000 satisfied customers across Southern Ontario, San Francisco and Southern California, British Columbia and Florida.

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