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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How does The Monitoring Center monitor for only $9.99/month?
A. At The Monitoring Center we have implemented many cost saving practices in our business model in order to deliver wholesale security alarm monitoring pricing directly to our customers.

Q. Does The Monitoring Center offer services in my area?
A. The Monitoring Center is rapidly growing across Canada and the US currently and is continuously expanding into additional locations. Please continue to refer to our Service Area Section which will be kept current for your perusal.

Q. Can TMC Monitor my VOIP phone line?
A. All VOIP provider services vary. There is NO 100% guarantee that any alarm system will communicate through your selected VOIP provider. Most alarm systems will transmit in multiple formats which assists our qualified technicians in troubleshooting and attempting to connect from your VOIP modem. Only certain formats will result in a successful communication. It is important to refer to our service department prior to changing your phone line provider to ensure compatibility or discuss your options.

Q. Can my alarm system communicate through my cell phone?
A. No...your alarm system will not communicate through your cell phone. Your alarm system needs a communication path from the control panel to our ULC Listed, CSAA, 5 Diamond Certified monitoring station. A valid communication path would consist of a) a land line... b) Wifi... c) Internet ...d) Cell Backup (GSM) unit.

Q. Can TMC monitor without a phone line?
A. can add on a Cell Backup (GSM) unit to most security alarm systems without a phone line. Without a Cell Backup unit or an active phone line connected to your alarm there is no communication path between your alarm system and the monitoring station which = NO transmission of data.

Q. Can TMC monitor my existing alarm system?
A. The Monitoring Center can provide our monitoring services to 95% of existing security system. We monitor systems from all of the major equipment manufacturers in our industry, with DSC, and Honeywell being the two most common manufacturers. For a detailed list of alarm systems we can switchover, please visit the Systems we can monitor section. . In addition, our experienced technicians are typically able to find creative solutions in cases where a system from a lesser known manufacturer was previously installed.

Q. How much time will it take for your technician to complete the switchover of my existing alarm system?
A. It takes our technicians between one and one half to two hours from the time they arrive at your home or business to the time they leave. However, in some cases, we may need additional time if your existing system is overly complex or if you require a customized solution to meet your specific needs.

Q. How soon after you perform the installation and/or takeover of my existing alarm will my system be monitored by TMC?
A. Immediately. As part of our installation and/or monitoring takeover process, our technicians perform a full diagnostic test and confirm that the signals from your system are properly reaching our station. Our technicians will troubleshoot any problems that may exist and ensure that the system is in proper working order before leaving your home or business. Therefore, you will be able to arm your alarm system immediately after installation and/or monitoring takeover of your existing alarm system.

Q. Does The Monitoring Center offer a product warranty?
A. Yes. We offer a one-year Manufacturer's Limited Warranty on Parts and Labor for parts WE install. Honeywell offers an exceptional 2 year parts warranty on their newly installed equipment and Resolution offers an unprecedented 3 year parts warranty.

Q. Does TMC's Station ever go down?
A. NEVER. TMC's Station is designed to provide uninterrupted service, 24-hours a day, 7-days a week. We are a ULC Listed, CSAA 5 Diamond Rated alarm monitoring facility which are the most recognized authorities in the security industry. Being ULC Listed means that our Station must meet very stringent requirements. As a result, even in the case of regional power outages, TMC's Station is continuously up-and-running. Therefore, you can rest assured that if trouble strikes, we will be ready and able to respond.

Q. What happens if the power in my area goes out?
A. All alarm systems are equipped with an independent battery backup power source, which immediately kicks in when a power outage occurs. Typically, an emergency battery has enough power to run for several hours, depending on the equipment manufacturer. When the power is restored, the battery immediately begins to recharge itself. Most systems have an auto-alert feature that sends a signal to our Station when the battery begins to run low. When we receive that signal, we will contact you to schedule a service appointment to replace the battery.

Q. How often should I test my alarm system?
A. It is recommended you test your alarm system once per month. You should fully test your alarm system including each window sensor, door contact and smoke detector to ensure that each component is functioning properly.

Q. What happens if I go on vacation or travel?
A. If you are planning on going on vacation or if you are planning on traveling, simply notify us under the section I'm Going on Vacation of your date of departure and return. We will note your date of departure and return and adjust your Emergency Response Procedures accordingly and be better prepared to respond in the event that an alarm is triggered while you are away. In addition, before you leave, make sure you have properly locked all of your doors and windows, turned off all of your appliances and activated your alarm system.

Q. What if I have an existing alarm monitoring provider?
A. Switching is Easy ...if you have an existing monitoring provider you are not stuck. You can still switch to TMC and start taking advantage of our Security + Savings benefits. Contact us toll-free at 1-866-247-4999 option 4 and one of our courteous Customer Service Specialists will be happy to assist you in making the switch to TMC.

Q. How do I pay for my alarm monitoring service?
A. You pay once per year in advance, by pre-authorized payment through your Bank, VISA, MasterCard or AMEX cards.

Q. How are my referrals credited to me?
A. Our 2 (Two) months FREE Referral Credit is automatically rewarded for each referral. This reward is credited to your account and is deducted from your next automatic debit on your anniversary date. There is no limit to the amount of referral credits you can receive from TMC...This is our way of thanking you for the referral business.

Q. Can TMC monitor any brand of alarm system?
A. TMC can monitor almost 95% of all alarm systems. Alternatively, we can change the existing panel/keypad of your existing system while leaving your contacts, motion sensors and wiring intact.

Q. What are your rates for service and parts after warranty expires?
A. TMC's service rate for labor is $79.00 per hour plus parts from the time we arrive and commence work.

Q. Does TMC give an Insurance Certificate?
A. Yes. Our technician will leave you with your insurance certificate on date of conversion. This insurance certificate will ensure you receive a 10% to 25% discount on your homeowners insurance policy.

Q. Does TMC offer any Senior Discounts?
A. Yes. The Monitoring Center recognizes that seniors are on a fixed income. In order to assist, we have implemented a Senior Rate Guarantee. This GUARANTEES your rate will NEVER increase as long as you subscribe to our service.


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