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We are proud to provide you with some of our customer testimonials below.

"Wow what a wonderful wireless Alarm sytem you installed.We are impressed. A 100% improvement over the old system.Great. Thanks"

Roger - Bradenton, FL
"I have been a happy, loyal, TMC customer for the past 16 years. Yes time does fly by, but the superb customer service I have received since day 1 has never changed since that first day! Any issues, or concerns have always been dealt with in a professional, personalised manner that makes me smile and happy! Service is relatively inexpensive in comparison to the competition, But there services and interaction with the staff i have had has always far exceeded a dollar figure. Times of changed, and TMC has moved along with them, But there stance on customer service has always been stellar, and I am sure it well remain. Many thanks to there technical specialists Brian and David, both gents are exceptionally informative in there products and security products in general! They are a breath of fresh air, no power sales push. Opinionated and professional in there fields. THANK YOU FOLKS, AND TMC for keeping these pros on your team! Customer service staff are always pleasant to talk to in occasionally trying circumstances. 1st class monitoring organisation at very reasonable cost!! Best Alex C To another 16 years of a happy customers!"
Alex, Toronto, Ontario
"This is to THANK YOU for the outstanding service provided by the Monitoring Center. On May 28th thieves attempted to break into our home. We were out of state on vacation yet your caller reached us and dispatched police in time to prevent entry into our home. Thanks to your fast response, the Boynton Police arrested one person and are seeking two others. We'll have to replace a damaged door, but that's nothing compared to what could have happened. We're DELIGHTED with your service! Thank you"
Harry & Joy Woodworth
"So I was messing around with my internet phone connection and I guess I accidently hit something that triggered the "Alert" button on my alarm and seconds later received a call from your call station...Great service. Just thought I'd pass along ... Thanks!"
Todd M - Los Angeles, CA
"Last week I opened my patio door one morning and forgot to shut off the alarm, well within seconds I received a call from the Monitoring Centre to confirm that it was I. That is excellent service and I am very impressed so far with your company and the fact that the rate is great! is the icing on the cake! Congratulations to you and your staff, who are very efficient and professional! Thank you."
Marina P - Toronto, ON
"Good morning, I need to compliment you on your technician David who brought my existing Alarm System back into function. David is a true professional and I felt I needed to tell you this. He was dressed very clean and professional and is very knowledgeable about alarm systems. He is extremely customer service oriented with the attitude of "whatever it takes" and an absolute pleasure. David is a tremendous asset to your company and represents your company perfectly. I am currently in the Construction Business and can truly notice a professional when I meet one. Also I would like to thank your Sale Staff member with whom I set this up over the phone with as well as your technical department. She is also a real professional and an asset to your company. Thank you for the fantastic service and I will be sure to share my experience with others"
Larry D - Los Angeles, CA
"I wanted to drop a note to you regarding how pleased I was with Clayton and the service he provided. I am in the service industry as well and I know a good technician when I see one. I found him to be very knowledgeable as well as personable. He was very focused, efficient and undeterred by some minor installation issues he encountered in our home. Thank you and special thanks to Clayton."
Rob L - Vancouver, BC
"You guys are so great!!! From the professional quick booking process over the chat line to the fabulous technician who visited my home and took over my alarm monitoring so swiftly and without intrusion, to your tech support that assisted me last night in reprogramming my system at 2:00am. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!"
Cindy P - San Bernadino, CA
"I want to express my gratitude to all the professionals I have dealt with over the years. I recently lost my husband and your staff so courteously assisted me in making all changes with such empathy. I cannot thank you all enough for being there for me, I am grateful and can sleep even without my husbands' presence knowing TMC will call immediately upon any activity in my home. Very, very grateful."
Andrea A - Sebastian, FL
"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for protecting me and my family so efficiently. We received a call only 20 seconds into our fire alarm yesterday. Luckily the fire was held at bay and all ended well. For only $9.99, Wow, thank you, I wish we had switched years ago. Your staff is the best."
Dave S - San Francisco, CA
"Your technician Gary is amazing. He got my system (which has not functioned for years) up and running within the course of an hour. Please recognize his professionalism and diligence. He is an asset to your company. Oh and thank you for saving me on my monthly expenses, does not seem like much but it all adds up. Have a great day and thank you again."
Virginia L - Markham, ON
"I haven't dealt with anyone as efficient as you for so long. You're the best!!! I really appreciate your true customer service style...much appreciated. I do believe in giving credit where credit is due. Once again thank you for such wonderful customer service and please do forward this e-mail to your manager as well."
Ramona S - West Palm Beach, FL

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