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TMC = Security + Savings

The Monitoring Center is a leading provider of high quality, low-cost home and business security alarm monitoring. TMC is a rapidly growing company quickly moving towards its' 3rd decade of operation...Currently servicing tens of thousands of customers across Southern Ontario, Southern California, Vancouver British Columbia, Florida and most recently San Francisco Bay area. TMC provides a full, comprehensive range of value-added services including Alarm Monitoring, Fire Protection, Panic Alarm Monitoring, Emergency Response, Medical Emergency Response, and Carbon Monoxide Detection. We monitor any device presently attached to your alarm system at NO additional monthly cost.

At ONLY $9.99/month...
we are the most affordable full-service alarm monitoring facility across North America.

TMC's Management Team has over 200 years experience between them within the alarm monitoring industry. TMC has maintained our reputation as being innovators, turning industry norms into industry relics. Representing a dramatic departure from the way most security companies do business, in 1998, our Management Team launched The Monitoring Center to definitively prove that high quality service could go hand-in-hand with low cost alarm monitoring.

High Quality Low Cost

The Monitoring Center are Industry Leaders in High Quality, Low Cost alarm monitoring. Today servicing almost 100,000 residential and commercial customers across the United States and Canada (service areas). Our explosive growth is largely attributed to our never ending pursuit of the best customer service at the best possible price.

Integral to that objective is TMC's integration of our cutting-edge technology, from computer systems that enable us to efficiently manage our customer accounts to the high-speed telecommunications networks that enable us to rapidly transmit and receive information. Our state-of-the-art infrastructure enables us to maintain the highest customer satisfaction ratings in the security industry at the most affordable price.

Approximately five million homes, or nearly one out of every twenty, are burglarized each year. In addition to that staggering figure, nationwide attention on the importance of personal safety has been heightened by the 350,000 abductions that occur each year. The media attention surrounding these home invasions, kidnappings and burglaries has caused many families to enhance the safety of their homes. Industry studies show that homes with security systems are about three times less likely to be broken into than homes without security systems. Moreover, losses due to burglaries average $400.00 less in homes with security systems compared to homes without security systems.

6 Months Free

The Monitoring Center proudly offers a 6 month FREE Sign up Bonus to all new customers.

We are often asked "What's the catch". There is no catch...we have gone to extra lengths to offer you an UNHEARD of...dare we say "never before offered" 6 month FREE Sign up Bonus in order to entice you to switchover and experience the TMC $9.99 difference.

This is a WIN/WIN...

A WIN for TMC We WIN by adding yet another new customer to our increasing volumes

A WIN for YOU You WIN by realizing HUGE savings on your monthly alarm monitoring costs and collecting your 6 month FREE BONUS.

At TMC we know "Every Penny Counts"
book an appointment to switchover your alarm monitoring to TMC TODAY...
Along with your BIG alarm monitroring SAVINGS of $9.99 per month...
18 months alarm monitoring for the price of 12 months (i.e. Switchover in June 2018 ...your anniversary date for payment will be December of 2019) And...continue to pay ONLY $9.99 per month

Medical Alert at NO Extra Monthly Cost

The Monitoring Center is a full service alarm monitoring facility committed to customer service excellence and YOUR personal safety.

We are able to monitor ANY *device in your home that is attached to your alarm system. Anything from a smoke detector to a motion sensor to a medical alert pendant at the same low monthly rate of ONLY $9.99/mo

In order to understand why The Monitoring Center does NOT charge more for Medic Alert monitoring or any other device for that matter....

  • Every alarm signal reports separately to your Central Monitoring Station
  • Your Protection Process instructions are followed no matter which alarm signal is received by your Monitoring it burglary alarm...smoke alarm...medic alert alarm
  • Operators must respond to each signal no matter which device signals to our Central Monitoring Station
  • Operators must do the same amount of work no matter which device signals to your Monitoring Station

Therefore...NO Alarm Monitoring Company should charge you extra monitoring fees for ANY device signaling to their Central Monitoring Station.

Do NOT pay EXTRA for any device attached to your alarm system.

*device...a device is any attachment to your alarm system...

  • door contact
  • window contact
  • motion detector
  • smoke detector
  • medical pendant/bracelent/button
  • panic button
  • flood detector
  • C/O detector
  • high temperature sensor
  • low temperature sensor
  • etc...

Our Senior Rate Guarantee

The Monitoring Center proudly offers a Senior Rate Guarantee. We FREEZE our monitoring at ONLY $9.99/month for all senior customers ages 65 and over.

Alarm monitoring is like a utility bill and comes every month/year no matter what...offering no break in the ongoing payment. Due to the cost of living...most utility bills will increase their monthly/yearly rates over time.

The Monitoring Center has made a conscious decision to NEVER INCREASE our rates on its' senior customers because they are on fixed income.

Protection Process

When you activate your alarm monitoring service with TMC, you will specify a list of Emergency Response Procedures, which may vary based on whether a burglary, fire or medical alarm is triggered. Regardless of what type of alarm is triggered, we will respond to the situation as directed by your Emergency Response Procedures. At TMC we understand that every family and/or business is unique and we will follow your specific instructions in response to an alarm signal. The illustration below demonstrates hypothetical Emergency Response Procedures designated by John & Mary Smith that TMC would follow in the event that a security alarm were triggered at their home.

Crime Prevention Tips


Home Security System

  • Always arm your security system (if you have invested in one) when you leave your residence, even if you will be away for a short time
  • Properly display your alarm window stickers and lawn signs provided by your security provider

Basic Home Security Tips


  • Always make sure that all doors and windows are properly closed and locked at night and when you're away from home.
  • All doors should have a deadbolt...strike plate is also advisable. Secure your sliding doors with a metal rod or piece of plywood in the track.


  • Timers work in creating the illusion that you are home
  • Use outdoor lights with timers or motion activated lights. Light is a burglar's worst enemy


  • Do NOT allow overgrown trees and shrubs to conceal a burglar while he is trying to break into your home
  • Tree branches near your home can provide a "ladder" to the upper-level windows of your home

Going on Vacation

  • Try to have a neighbor or friend collect your mail and newspapers
  • Never leave any details on your answering machine about where you have gone and/or how long you will be there
  • Neighborhood Watch really if you have one...advise them you will not be home
  • Notify your monitoring center that you are going on vacation

More Preventative Measures

A few more hints

  • Install fences, screen doors, and window screens
  • Peepholes and door chains where appropriate around your home
  • Never open the door to any strangers.

Keeping your home safe from criminals involves a little common sense...attention to details and above all arming your home security system. Following these suggestions coupled with activating your alarm system with your trusted monitoring provider puts you back in control.
Choose The Monitoring Center. Lock your doors...arm your alarm system...and Sleep Tight for ONLY $9.99/month with affordable...dependable...full service alarm monitoring.

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