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Alarm System Installations:

The Monitoring Center is the only alarm company in the industry to have successfully separated the cost of alarm monitoring from the cost of your alarm system.

With TMC you buy your system and have 100% ownership from day one. We install only universal equipment which gives our customers FREEDOM to choose any provider without the added cost of replacing equipment

Please visit our Buyer Beware section for some helpful tips before committing to an alarm system contract. You may also find our Shop & Compare section useful.

The Monitoring Center installs high quality, reliable alarm systems designed to meet the specific needs and preferences of each one of our customers. We offer four comprehensive packages, from two of the industry's leading manufacturers Honeywell and DSC.

The Monitoring Center specializes in alarm monitoring and switching over existing alarm systems. We have expanded our Installation Department over the years in order to meet the demand of customers who have no existing alarm equipment. We appeal to those customers who...

  1. Want to own their alarm equipment
  2. Do NOT want to lease equipment
  3. Understand there is no such thing as a FREE alarm system
  4. Do NOT want to be tied down to a long term contract

No Phone Line Required !!!!
The "Complete Alarm Solution"
Featuring the Honeywell "Lynx Touch"starting at $399.00 and $17.99 per month With a "WiFi" Alarm Communicator + applicable taxes
The "Lynx Touch" Basic Alarm Package Includes:
  • 1 Lynx Touch Control Center with built in siren
  • 1 "WiFi" Alarm Communicator
  • 2 Wireless Door/Window Contacts
  • 1 Wireless Motion Detector
  • 1 Back up Battery
  • 1 Power Transformer
  • All cabling and installation
  • An unprecedented 2 years Parts Warranty
Additional Features
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Wireless Honeywell VISTA 15P Basic Security System FOR ONLY $299.00
+ applicable taxes
Honeywell VISTA15P Basic Alarm Package Includes:
  • Main control panel
  • 2 wireless Door or window contacts
  • 1 LCD keypad
  • 1 Wireless Motion Detector
  • 1 Siren - 15 Watt - 95 DB
  • 1 Back up battery
  • 1 Power transformer
  • 1 Phone jack interface
  • All cabling and installation
  • An unprecedented 2 year Parts Warranty

(larger package also available...with 3 contacts + 2 motion detectors only $499 + applicable taxes)

Hardwired Security System FOR ONLY $499.00 + applicable taxes

(Available in both Honeywell or DSC)

  • 1 Main control panel
  • 3 Hard Wired Door or window contacts
  • LCD keypad
  • 2 Hard Wired Motion detectors
  • 1 Siren - 15 Watt - 95 DB.
  • 1 Back up battery
  • 1 Power transformer
  • 1 Phone jack interface
  • All cabling and installation
  • Comprehensive on site Parts and Labor Warranty

(also available...same price...with 5 contacts + 1 motion detector)

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