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Crime Prevention Tips


Home Security System

  • Always arm your security system (if you have invested in one) when you leave your residence, even if you will be away for a short time
  • Properly display your alarm window stickers and lawn signs provided by your security provider

Basic Home Security Tips


  • Always make sure that all doors and windows are properly closed and locked at night and when you're away from home.
  • All doors should have a deadbolt...strike plate is also advisable. Secure your sliding doors with a metal rod or piece of plywood in the track.


  • Timers work in creating the illusion that you are home
  • Use outdoor lights with timers or motion activated lights. Light is a burglar's worst enemy


  • Do NOT allow overgrown trees and shrubs to conceal a burglar while he is trying to break into your home
  • Tree branches near your home can provide a "ladder" to the upper-level windows of your home

Going on Vacation

  • Try to have a neighbor or friend collect your mail and newspapers
  • Never leave any details on your answering machine about where you have gone and/or how long you will be there
  • Neighborhood Watch really if you have one...advise them you will not be home
  • Notify your monitoring center that you are going on vacation

More Preventative Measures

A few more hints

  • Install fences, screen doors, and window screens
  • Peepholes and door chains where appropriate around your home
  • Never open the door to any strangers.

Keeping your home safe from criminals involves a little common sense...attention to details and above all arming your home security system. Following these suggestions coupled with activating your alarm system with your trusted monitoring provider puts you back in control.
Choose The Monitoring Center. Lock your doors...arm your alarm system...and Sleep Tight for ONLY $9.99/month with affordable...dependable...full service alarm monitoring.

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